There are a list of things that you will need if you want to do your own grooming first and foremost you will want a good book on grooming with illustrations.

Next you will need your equipment now these items may be a little expensive to purchase but they will pay for themselves very quickly now the following list are the grooming items that I like the best and have used for years in my grooming salon their are a variety of different brands out there that you can try be sure and shop around for the best prices available.

List of Equipment Needed: Good set of clippers I use Laube but Andis and Oster clippers are also very good and a little less expensive. NOTE: Clippers bought at Walmart are NOT good enough for grooming dogs no matter what the package claims or shows. Blades you will need: These blades are detachable and no matter the brand will usually fit your clippers 3, 4, 5, 7, for body clipping 10, 15 for face, feet and under belly the smaller the number on the blade the longer it leaves the hair. Good pairs of scissors: you will want a straight pair and a curved pair curves are best for top knots and pom-pons.

For standard poodles you will want scissors that are 9-10 inches in length these can be any brand you want and any price you want to spend usually the better brands are more money and will hold their sharpness a lot longer you will need a comb: for getting out those mats clear to the skinnyou will need a slicker brush: for grooming and regular coat brushing. Nail clippers I recommend the Plier type and NOT the guillotine type as they are much easier to handle: Some styptic powder great to have on hand for when you accidentally clip a nail too short. Ear powder and pair of hemostats: for plucking the hair inside of your dogs ears to prevent infections. Blow Dryer: I do recommend having a forced air dryer for standard poodles as it will dry them much faster: Grooming table with an arm: this can be bought from one of the above mentioned stores or if home made this will make life a lot easier when grooming your poodle. Good dog shampoo: suited for your individual poodles needs I prefer a natural oatmeal based shampoo for all my poodles.

Be patient He will get used to it and begin to like it soon be firm but gentle do not give up practice makes perfect talk in a soft high pitched happy voice constantly while grooming and praising your dog never leave your poodle unattended on the grooming table even if it is just to grab something quick they could jump off the table and get seriously injured do not be afraid to use that grooming arm on your table believe me it makes life a lot easier.

Play with your dogs feet and face while playing this will make grooming a lot easier for you if your dog is use to having its feet and face played with If you are tired quit grooming even if you are not finished being tired makes you make mistakes If your dog dose not like what you are doing do not stop his is rewarding your dog for bad behavior work through the problem If your dog learns you will give in to him he will run all over you.

If you are having a hard time shaving your dogs feet then pick up your dog and tuck him under your arm you have a lot more control this way your dog may struggle at first but once he knows that he can not get away he will settle down If you are having a hard time shaving your dogs face try running the clippers over his face with them OFF this way he gets used to the sensation once you have had good luck with this try turning them on and running them over his face without shaving soon it will become second nature If you are having a hard time with brushing and combing take the brush and comb with you while you sit together and watch TV brush gently and slowly soon your dog will love being brushed go slow with the dryer they really will get use to it. Change blades often as they can heat up quickly. 

Be careful with the close blades like the 15 and 40 blades they heat up fast and can burn your dog not recommended for lighter colored poodles unless you really know what you are doing. Have the quick stop ready when you are doing the nails just in case of clipping the nail too short start with just taking the tips off and work your way up A & D ointment that is use for diaper rash works great on clipper burn. Watch out for the webbing between the toes as you can nick it easy. Watch out for the skin between the body and where the leg joins the body it is very easy to catch with your bigger blades and cut this is also true of the skin at the arm pit.

Before bathing place cotton balls in your dogs ears to keep the water out you need to remember to pluck the hair from your dogs ears I apply ear powder to get a good grip and hemostats. Do not be afraid to get in there and get that hair out I will not lie to you it does hurt your dog just a bit It is a lot like you plucking your eyebrows the faster you do it the less it hurts but you need to think of what will hurt less in the long run a painful yeast or other ear infection or a little bit of plucking then clean your dogs ears with a gentle ear cleaning solution of some kind get down in with some cotton balls and get that dirt out. 

You will find grooming your own standard poodles in between professional groomings is a great way to bond with your poodle! Leslie...



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