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Did you know that the first poodles were actually either solid black or black & white. Writings drawings and paintings from the 1700's and 1800's have many examples of the parti-color Poodle (pictured below) Before standards were fixed in England, France, Germany, and in the USA poodles of all sizes were to be found spotted and white or white spotted with colors (multi-colored) Not only did partis make up a large part of the actual first sporting poodles from its role for retrieving ducks, army dogs, truffle hunters or companions etc.... partis can be registered with both the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club however while they may be shown in conformation classes in UKC shows due to the fact that the Poodle Club of America does not currently recognize the parti color poodles and cannot be shown in AKC conformation classes but can be shown in other AKC classes such as obedience and agility etc... 

Phantom standard poodles are not new nor a different breed they are only a different stunning color of poodle, phantom poodles are bi-colored, with the same markings as a doberman they have a lighter coloring on their eyebrows muzzle throat legs feet and below their tail phantoms come in many colors such as black with silver, sable, apricot, brown, cream, gray, red etc... unfortunately like the parti colored poodles the AKC does not allow phantoms into the conformation show ring only solid colors but UKC does I have not found much on the history of the phantoms in my research as of yet but been told they have been around as long as the parti colored poodle but I will continue my search as it intrigues me. 

A red standard poodle WOW these gorgeous poodles are relatively new to the standard poodle world Shangri-La, Palmares and Majestic kennels are credited and honored with bringing the stunning reds to us in the 1980's. Shangri-La and Palmares worked together producing several breedings keeping only the best the largest and darkest red pups with correct size and correct confirmation and it payed off big time! although their is many shades of reds the deeper darker red is most preferred than the more common apricot/red and apricot (although all shades are beautiful to me) having Shangri-La, Palmares, Majestic and Leatherstooking in your pedigree's with no dilute colors will help in maintaining their beautiful color.

It is perhaps unfortunate that the Standard Poodle has received more attention for the unique way it is clipped for showing then for its exceptional intelligence and sporting in the past never the less It has become one of the worlds most popular breeds, Leslie...

Raising Hale And Hearty Standard Poodle Puppies